September 2, 2018 - End of Summer

The unofficial end of summer occurs tomorrow with Labor Day. 

The planets and sun don’t agree with us, but for our purposes schools begin again, vacations come to an end, and the days begin to shorten.  (With a little luck the heat and humidity will disappear until 2019.)  Here at Trinity a couple of things occur in terms of our worship.  We return to a fuller liturgy, bringing back the Collect for Purity and Gloria in excelsis for our verbal opening, and saying a confession that is separate from the Prayers of the People.  You will also notice that we have ended our hearing of the David and Solomon saga as our first reading.  There are many incidents in the life of this major figure that we did not cover, but the lectionary includes all the “high points.”  The lectionary returns to its thematic choices that do not follow any particular pattern from one Sunday to the next.  This will continue through the fall until we begin with the “biographic” half of the liturgical calendar on Advent I which follows Jesus’ life from pregnancy to death, resurrection, and ascension.

As Sarah and I spend much of our time preparimg for Gracie’s wedding, the Vestry continues to move forward on a couple of important projects: the installation of an oven hood, and the sale of the vacant lot.  We are also mindful of Joe and Edna’s wedding preparations for one of their sons on September 8.  Lots top celebrate!