August 5th, 2018 - Life after a broken bone

Life continues to be a bit slower for me than normal because of the broken bone in my right hand. I got another x-ray Monday afternoon and it appears to be healing nicely so there is a light at the end of this tunnel.  When people ask me the inevitable “What happened?” I’ve started telling people that I had to smack a misbehaving parishioner.  Most people know I’m kidding.

On Tuesday I attended the Board meeting of the Well.  That organization is a tremendous asset to the community. In addition to offering low cost clothing and household items, they donate all proceeds to community services, and then offer prom gowns to high school girls, business clothes to people getting back into the work force, winter hats and gloves to the children at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club…the list goes on and on.  (They are having a “two for the price of one” sale the last three weeks of August. Just in time for back to school.)

We have received bids for some of the steeple work and to our surprise they are significantly higher than the initial estimates.  The Vestry will take a hard look at feasible income to see how far we are from expenses.  We need to find out what we might expect from outside sources like the Property Support Committee of the Diocese, the Landmarks Commission, and the State of New York Historical Preservation Department.

Finally, I am supplying again for Mother Filomena today.  I have a 1 pm service in Poughkeepsie and a 6 pm service in Kingston.  It’s a long day for me, but we clergy types need to support each other so I do it happily.