August 26, 2018 - Why I Volunteer at a Nursing Home

This afternoon I will take my regularly scheduled turn at Ten Broeck nursing home, conducting their 2 pm Protestant service. 

I led the service two weeks ago, but that was substituting for another pastor who had to cancel.  The list of the pastors who lead worship there is not lengthy. 

It’s a fair amount of work, preparing the worship bulletin, printing them, preparing a sermon (not always what I preach here that same morning) then driving to Ten Broeck Sunday afternoon when most pastors are ready to put their feet up following a busy Sunday morning at their respective congregations.  It is also strictly volunteer.  So I can see why many clergy decline participation. 

I do it to honor my departed mother-in-law as I remember how much she appreciated the worship services at her nursing home.

For the most part, the people who come have been faithful church participants their whole lives, and the prayers, hymns, and readings are a big part of their support and spiritual lives.  Now that they are no longer able to attend their home parishes I feel it important to bring “church” to them.  If I ever end up in a nursing home I hope some good-hearted pastor comes to lead worship… I can critique their sermon!

During the week I helped arrange a meeting between our Vestry and Bishop Glasspool to discuss what happens here when the “step-down” program comes to an end. (December 31, 2019.)  I will not attend that gathering since it is a matter for the parish leadership and diocesan representatives.

Finally, Sarah and I were away Thursday and Friday to visit our new grandson in New Hampshire.  It’s a long trip but totally worth it.