Fr Phillips is organizing a third series of Monday evening discussions to start early October. He nvites participants to suggest a book for the group before October 6.

Sunday September 29 we had a parish meeting between services to talk about the search for the next priest-in-charge. Paul Backstrom reported the results of a mail survey and Stephen Shafer spoke of the opportunities we’re looking at.

Warden Margaret Yelland formed a search committee to ready us for 2020 and beyond after Fr Phillips has retired. Many decisions to be made. Stephen Shafer leads the committee; Linda Adorno and Paul Backstrom have signed on. More volunteers welcome.

Monday Aug 19 The second series of Monday evening discussions with the Vicar ended with his serving cake to the multitudes. The enthusiastic group will choose a book for another series o start soon.

Sunday Aug 18 saw a between-services pot-luck breakfast at which parishioners shared opinions on future directions T.E.C. should take as we near the 200th anniversary of out founding. We’ll have another in September.

Saturday June 15 a volunteer work party including Fr. Phillips hauled away three big trailer loads of cut-down scrub trees from the northeast corner of the New Cemetery. Thanks to Mark Herb for arranging the trailer and Lizbeth Shafer for cleaning the fence line on Trinity Place.

Monday June 10 A five-man work party including the Vicar seal-coated the new asphalt behind the church. Bill Tomaseski brought in the materials and led the swabbing.

Saturday May 25 Plant Sale and bake sale opened for business 9 AM. We netted over $800. Thanks to all who brought plants and food, especially to Paul Backstrom and David Hutchinson.

Monday May 20 The Lenten study course led by Fr. Phillips on Elaine Pagels’s book The Gnostic Gospels concluded on May 20, after Lent. It’s was very stimulating insight into the first 200 years of Christianity. Monday evenings at 7-8 PM. On June 3 a new series began, this one using How on Earth Did Jesus Become God? by the Rev. Larry Hurtado.

Saturday and Sunday May 18 and 19 we welcomed visitors to the statewide annual Sacred Sites Open House tour. It was our first year to take part. Members of the parish hosted 12-4 both afternoons to show guests interiors, notably our famous windows, and the spectacular views of the Catskill Front. Many thanks to Warden Margaret Yelland for making this happen and being there both days

Sunday May 5 we had a between-services pot luck brunch starting 9 AM to listen to each other’s ideas about the future of TEC

sculpture by Matt Marzorati

sculpture by Matt Marzorati

Our annual corn beef dinner to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day was on Saturday March 16 in the Parish Hall. It was a lot more joyous than the above image of St Patrick! About 85 dinners were served or taken out. A chef visitor trained at the CIA said that Joe Stack’s corn beef was the best he’s ever had.

A final word from the Vicar at the 2019 Annual Meeting

Before we adjourn I have would like to say a final word from the Vicar. This is something that is

hard to say and I suspect will be hard to hear. In less than two months I will turn 68 years old,

and on the first Sunday in November of this year I will mark 40 years in full time parish ministry.

Most people would consider that a “career.” Therefore, I have told the Vestry and they have

encouraged me to share with you all this morning that it is my intention to retire at the end of

this calendar year.

I’ve been doing this work for so long, it’s kind of hard to image not doing it. But the time is

right for me to have weekends to visit family and sit in a pew with Sarah and sing hymns

together while my health is still good. It also seems to be a good time for Trinity to bring in new

leadership as we look toward doing ministry in new ways.

I will be meeting with Nora Smith the deployment officer of the diocese to see if Trinity can

truncate the typical search process so that there will be a smooth and immediate transition of

leadership in 2020. I have also said to the Vestry that I will not leave the parish out on a limb,

and that if new leadership is identified but cannot come until some point after the first of the

year, I will continue to offer Sunday worship and other services as needed until the new

leadership arrives.

I know it’s difficult and disruptive when any organization experiences a change in leadership.

But I’m not done yet, in fact, I have almost a whole year left, and I plan to do everything I can to

make it a great year – an exciting year for Trinity Church. posted 5 Feb 2019

A once-weekly Lenten discussion group on the Gnostic Gospels invites people from in and outside the Parish. The time is not yet settled as no one time slot was preferred by everyone. Fr Phillips will announce the decision soon.

The Tomaseskis’ winter party, to which the the whole parish was invited as always was held on Feb 2 , having been snowed out earlier. The magical tree was still up, making this either the last Christmas party of 2018 or the first of 2019. Many thanks from all comers to the gracious hosts.

xmas party 2019.jpg

Early arrivals at the Tomaseskis’ winter party Feb 3, 2019

Lizbeth, Ed, Marilyn Bill and Cathy (our hosts)

The Annual Meeting took place on Jan 27 9-10 AM in the Parish Hall. A full report will follow soon. Gail Pfeil told us the sad news that Fr Shepherd, the Vicar for 33 years until 1993, had died earlier this year at his home in Maine. We have many good memories of Fr. Shepherd. He had the longest continuous tenure as Vicar in the history of TEC. The Rev Thomas Cole, Jr, whose tenure spanned forty years, had a five-year leave of absence midway.


Beloved parishioner Evelyn Harrison died on November 13 at the age of 102. Her funeral was held on November 20, with three successive generations of her family present. Evelyn was laid to rest in the Trinity Church cemetery with her late husband, Louis. Here is a link to a news story about Evelyn. Below are some photos from Evelyn’s 100th birthday.

The vestry approved in 2018 the idea of selling a piece of the 4.4 acres that TEC owns on Church Street. Things are moving forward. A survey of the 4.4 acres in now complete. We have submitted an application to the Village Planning Board that would allow us to offer for sale 1.7 acres on the north side of the 4.4 acres. The first meeting with the Planning Board was held Feb 13. There will be a hearing on March 13.

The vestry decided at the October meeting to get a consultation on how to make the second bathroom in the Parish Hall ADA-compliant. An architect from RCAL in Kingston kindly came over on Oct 16 to explain the specs. At the December meeting, however, the vestry decided to postpone bidding for that job, recognizing that re-pointing the rectory is more urgent. We have received one bid on that in November and are seeking others for what looks like a big job.

The seasonal maintenance of the cemetery April through October was awarded at the December vestry meeting to Richard Benn, who has done it the last three years and had the low bid.

The fall leaf cleanup slated for Sat Nov 17 had to be postponed because of heavy snowfall. It was done instead on Dec 15 at the same time as the annual pre-Christmas interior cleaning and polishing. Christmas decorating was done the following week. Special mention to vestry member Linda Adorno for cleaning and oiling all the leather kneelers.

Father Phillips and Sarah celebrated this summer the birth of their first grandchild, to their son Michael and his wife, who live in New Hampshire. Then in mid-September they celebrated again, this time at the wedding of their daughter, Gracie.

updated Feb 23 2019

Upcoming events: Sunday May 5 between-services pot luck brunch starting 9 AM.

Saturday May 25 Plant Sale opens for business 9 AM. Start getting ready now, digging and potting

Thursday June 6 workday to seal coat the new asphalt behind the church. Three volunteers already committed.

Saturday June 15 work party to brush cut edges of the cemeteries 10-12. Bring tools, gloves and insect repellent!

Saturday and Sunday May 18 and 19 we welcome visitors to the annual Sacred Sites Open House tour. It’s our first year to take part