Father Phillips and Sarah celebrated this summer the birth of their first grandchild, to their son Michael and his wife, who live in New Hampshire. Then in mid-September they celebrated again, this time at the wedding of their daughter, Gracie.

At the betweeen-services parish breakfast on Sunday Oct 14 8:45-9:45 we savored fine food and talked about the future.

Sat Nov 3 was to have been our annual Roast Pork Dinner for all comers. Sad to say, the kitchen did not pass inspection because of a missing over-stove fume hood and on Oct 31 the dinner was called off, notice going out to those who had made reservations. The lack of a hood was the fault of the contractor from Schenectady to whom we had made a substantial down-payment before he disappeared. The deficiency will be remedied ASAP for the next dinner. The Vestry has found a new contractor and is trying to recover funds paid out to the first one, who seems to have gone out of business. As of late December, the first contractor has not been found to serve notice on. A former Warden of TEC, native of Schenectady, is getting on the case.

The vestry decided at the October meeting to get a consultation on how to make the second bathroom in the Parish Hall ADA-compliant. An architect from RCAL in Kingston kindly came over on Oct 16 to explain the specs. At the December meeting, however, the vestry decided to postpone bidding for that job, recognizing that re-pointing the rectory is more urgent. We have received one bid on that in November and are seeking others for what looks like a big job.

The seasonal maintenance of the cemetery April through October was awarded at the December vestry meeting to Richard Benn, who has done it the last three years and had the low bid.

The fall leaf cleanup slated for Sat Nov 17 had to be postponed because of heavy snowfall. It was done instead on Dec 15 at the same time as the annual pre-Christmas interior cleaning and polishing. Christmas decorating was done the following week. Special mention to vestry member Linda Adorno for cleaning and oiling all the leather kneelers.

The vestry approved in 2018 the idea of selling a piece of the 4.4 acres that TEC owns on Church Street. About 3.4 of the 4.4 acres had been had been bought by the Parish in 1957. The plan is to offer for sale in due time a 1.7 acre parcel on the north side of the TEC property, running from Church Street (NYS 9W) to Barclay’s Pond (Esopus Creek). We will apply for a permit to subdivide when the required survey of the entire TEC property is complete. TEC (built 1831) was the first structure on the Barclay Heights ridge overlooking the Esopus Creek. No survey of the 1- acre lot on which it stands, donated by Henry Barclay, had been done since 1852, nor was a survey done of the 3.4 acres acquired in 1957. Instead, a deed description sufficed. In 2018 we have to do better.

Beloved parishioner Evelyn Harrison died on November 13 at the age of 102. Her funeral was held on November 20, with three generations of her family present and. Evelyn was laid to rest in the Trinity Church cemetery with her late husband, Louis. Here is a link to a news story about Evelyn.

The Tomaseskis are having their party again this year, and the whole parish is invited! 7 pm on January 19th 218 Salem Street, Port Ewen. Turn right at the traffic light on 9W in Pt. Ewen go exactly 0.4 miles and make a right into their driveway.

Cathy and Bill add “The only thing you need to bring is yourself. See you there!”

Reminder! The Annual Meeting is Sunday, January 28 at 9 AM between services, wth pot luck breakafast. Also planned in next two months are a couple of between-service breakfasts on a not-too-surprising topic TBA and (in the works) a Lenten discussion group on the Gnostic Gospels

updated Jan 3, 2018